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Edgewood Log Structures chooses Graphisoft’s ARCHICAD for architectural design

Newton, Mass. - February 18, 2003 - Edgewood Log Structures, a custom log manufacturer based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho that designs and manufacturers high-end custom log structures, has chosen Graphisoft®’s ARCHICAD® as its design and documentation program for its custom homes and commercial projects.

Edgewood Log Structures started using Graphisoft’s ARCHICAD about four years ago, when company President Brian Schafer researched several 2D and 3D design and documentation programs. Traditional 2D drafting programs failed to offer any innovation or functions that would help improve Schafer’s design and business processes.

"We wanted to select a program that would stay current and continue to support our business long into the future," Schafer said. "Knowing we wanted to go the 3D route, we found that Graphisoft had the most superior product out there."

Schafer said the learning curve for Graphisoft’s ARCHICAD is very short, enabling him and his colleagues to gain value from their investment very quickly. Though easy to learn, ARCHICAD is an advanced design and documentation program with the ability to be customized in order to meet the most aggressive design challenges.

"We are not just drawing lines. We are modeling log structures so we can see room heights and relationships," Schafer said. In addition, Graphisoft’s Geometric Descriptive Language (GDL) technology brings intelligent information to all of the elements in an ARCHICAD model. GDL captures information related to material, style, measurements and manufacturer data.

"ARCHICAD has a very sophisticated way of making library objects," Schafer said. Schafer’s design team can easily control an object’s appearance and behavior by changing a few settings in a dialog box or by editing parameters graphically. Edgewood has also used some basic programming techniques to create custom objects in GDL quickly.

In addition to streamlining the design process, ARCHICAD has been a primary benefit in marketing and selling the company’s products.

"We are giving our clients an actual picture of their home, one that we can share very early in the design process and collaborate on with our clients," Schafer said, adding that virtual animations of design projects enable his clients to walk through a proposed home before a log is even cut. "We’ve won jobs because we can demonstrate our product with color 3D renderings and animations. People are trained to visualize things, and our renderings leave no doubt in our customers’ minds about how the project will look."

Because Edgewood Log Structures projects are managed in ARCHICAD, Schafer’s team can take a model of the project and with a few keystrokes generate sections, elevations, and photorenderings. Changes in sunlight, room light, and textures can easily be manipulated to create a photo realistic rendering of the project.

Schafer has found abundant educational resources that help his team members establish and improve their ARCHICAD expertise. In addition to the training seminars that Graphisoft routinely offers, there are user groups, Web sites where design professionals trade tips and secrets and numerous books about ARCHICAD.

"The training and support that Graphisoft provides is unprecedented in the industry," Schafer said. "The seminars they offer are invaluable in helping us learn the program. There are fabulous training aids available to empower users to push the limits of what they are doing."

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