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Architecture Meets Seismic Design

Graphisoft, CSI provide integrated software solution

Budapest, February 8, 2006 - Graphisoft announced today that its award-winning 3D building design solution ARCHICAD® can now work on the same Virtual Building™ model data as leading structural design and analysis solution ETABS. This data sharing through IFC 2x2, means that structural elements can be carried directly into ETABS for structural design tasks and analysis, then returned to ARCHICAD. These elements are checked and designed not only for the usual load-bearing capability but also to meet strict standards of earthquake resistance.

"For architects who need a solid insight into the structural strength of their building, we are integrating the workflow between architecture, structural design and analysis to handle the most unforgiving and challenging earthquake-prone environments," says Bence Kovacs, Vice President of ARCHICAD Product Management from Graphisoft. "From now on, even in areas of seismic activity, an aesthetic Virtual Building design created in ARCHICAD will not remain just an architectural vision; its structural elements can also be shown to have proven seismic resistance."

"With this seamless integration, ARCHICAD is now empowered with a Structural Design Engine that has defined the art of Structural and Earthquake Engineering for over three decades. This clearly sets new horizons for the design of the Virtual Building," says Syed Hasanain, S.E. Executive Vice President from CSI. "The enriched data exchange and integration of the design process defines a very productive and efficient working environment for the Structural design office."

As both applications work with intelligent building structural elements, such as load-bearing walls, pillars, beams and slabs, the structural parts designed in ARCHICAD can be edited and analyzed in ETABS. All the changes are continuously and automatically updated when imported back into ARCHICAD, allowing design development to proceed among all the parties on these especially critical aspects of the Virtual Building.

Communicating through IFC in an intelligent bi-directional way, the same 3D Virtual Building model is used for architectural and structural design by companies using ARCHICAD 9 and ETABS v9 respectively. The essential data used by both applications is continuously up-to-date without the need to re-model, meanwhile continuous interaction between architects and engineers produces a load-bearing structure that best suits its architectural design.

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