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Finite Element Method analysis applied to the Virtual Building™

Graphisoft with StruSoft provides integrated software solution

ARCHICAD®, seamlessly integrated with FEM-Design, allows fast and accurate structural analysis of the Virtual Building model using the advanced Finite Element Method.

Budapest, March 16, 2006 - Graphisoft announced today that its award-winning 3D building design solution ARCHICAD® can now transfer the Virtual Building model to the high-end structural design and analysis solution FEM-Design. Data-sharing through FDX files (the native format of FEM-Design) means that structural components of the building can be imported directly for structural design tasks, analysis and further editing of the load-bearing structures. FEM-Design can perform a wide range of calculations on the structural model, including dynamic, seismic and cracking analysis, all in a highly user-friendly manner.

"Contemporary architecture is moving towards free-form design and extremely complex building structures that set new challenges for architects and structural designers alike. Intensive communication between the two parties is essential for successful completion of such sophisticated projects," says Ákos Pfemeter, Director of Product Management for the Architecture & Engineering Markets, from Graphisoft. "The integrated workflow between our products minimizes the chance of project coordination errors and results in more economical and feasible structures."

"The Virtual building data is now available for thorough, yet fast, structural analysis using the state-of-the-art Finite Element Method," continues Paul Rehn, CEO of StruSoft AB. "We are convinced  that the native connection between ARCHICAD and FEM-Design will bring a new level of structural safety for our users."

Both applications are handling intelligent building structural elements - such as load-bearing walls, columns, beams and slabs, thus the structural parts designed in ARCHICAD can be edited and analyzed without loss of data.  Furthermore, FEM-Design supports various national design codes that allow structural designers to check the building against local building regulations.

ARCHICAD projects can be imported to FEM-Design via the FDX file format. This type of native communication provides a convenient and secure way for the architects to share their design with civil engineers and structural designers.

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