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Russian Architects Choose ARCHICAD

MOSCOW, July 3, 2013 -- The First GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference in Russia took place in Moscow on June 17, 2013. The conference united leading company clients – leaders of the AEC industry in Russia – with vast experience in design using ARCHICAD.

The Conference was attended by Viktor Varkonyi (CEO, GRAPHISOFT), Gabor Bojar (Founder, GRAPHISOFT), Sergei Skuratov (Sergei Skuratov Architects), Sergei Tumanin (Architectural firm of Sergei Tumanin), Levon Airapetov (Totement/Paper), Vladimir Plotkin (TPO Reserve) and other leading architects.

This was the first such GRAPHISOFT Conference in Russia. Industry leaders discussed modern tools, technologies and design practices, and shared their experiences in workflow organization. According to Sergei Skuratov, "In our architectural practice we begin working on a project with the very first sketches, which usually come from me. Teams of architects transfer these sketches and create a single 3D model of the building, placing it into the urban environment using ARCHICAD Teamwork. In the short term, we can provide a realistic 3D model of a future project to the client and make changes at any time. ARCHICAD helps the architect to think comprehensively, make calculations, and evaluate how the building will fit into the complex city environment."

The Russian GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference 2013 was an exclusive opportunity to hear first-hand about GRAPHISOFT’s strategic development plans, and became an open forum for architects discussing implementation of BIM in modern Russia.

All projects submitted during the KCC Moscow 2013 were printed using Canon large-format printers.

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