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GRAPHISOFT, D. Vision Architecture and Minnucci Associati Announce Strategic Cooperation

SPINEA (VE) Italy, June 2, 2016 – GRAPHISOFT®, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developer for architects and designers; D. Vision Architecture (founder and owner of BIM FACTORY®) and Minnucci Associati, Italy’s leading BIM service provider brands, announced today that they have entered into a Strategic Cooperation Program. The program’s goals are to disseminate Building Information Modeling (BIM) and platform-independent OPEN BIM standards and process guidelines based on GRAPHISOFT software solutions and BIM FACTORY services; to elaborate national BIM standards; and to introduce and adapt OPEN BIM software solutions in Italy.

According to their Strategic Cooperation Program, the Parties will work closely on BIM adaptation for design, sustainability, collaboration and coordination on several building projects, while working together for BIM standardization in Italy.

“We arrived at a very important milestone today. Though our industry has already recognized open collaboration as the key to managing successful BIM projects, adaptation of new workflows requires competency, practical experience and professional tools. As a global player on the BIM software market offering innovative, open and easy-to-learn technology, we found GRAPHISOFT to be the right strategic partner for our ‘BIM evangelist mission’ in Italy and beyond,” said Armando Casella, founding partner at D. Vision Architecture. “BIM is not only the future of the industry, but also offers us the opportunity to preserve our architectural heritage,” said Ernesto Minnucci, founding partner at Minnucci Associati. “Though many market players talk about it, very few understand BIM’s real potential -- even fewer have the knowledge and practical experience. We are committed to sharing our expertise and best practices,” Minnucci added.

“BIM in Italy is not a dream anymore. Together with D. Vision and Minnucci Associati, we deliver proven, working solutions, and complete real projects,” said Viktor Várkonyi, Chief Executive Officer, GRAPHISOFT. “Our software solutions and services under the aegis of BIM FACTORY and Minnucci Associati provide the stakeholders of the Italian building sector with cutting-edge technology, outstanding knowledge and experience to benefit from working according to OPEN BIM standards. I am pleased and excited to see Italy’s rich architectural heritage connecting with GRAPHISOFT’s latest innovations.”

About Minnucci Associati

Minnucci Associati is an engineering studio working in the Italian public sector offering consulting, urban development planning, design and management for the construction industry. The studio is focused on managing the entire building process: from the early phase of conceptual design, through construction, throughout the building lifecycle, including facility management. Thanks to the comprehensive approach of implementing and providing the latest technology and analyzing the market’s latest innovations, Minnucci Associati is able to complete building projects according to BIM standards.

About D. Vision Architecture

D. Vision Architecture was founded in April 2015 by a young, diverse, and energetic team with a strong belief in the importance of teamwork among professionals from across the AEC industry. Developing projects using BIM not only results in more precise project realization, but also eases the design procedure. The practice has won over 10 competitions of different sizes and categories in a short time, including Sassari Hospital requalification, Melzo School project, Politecnico of Turin university extension, and design competitions including the Moscow Tolerance Pavilion. BIM procedures are widely-used throughout the entire design processes of D. Vision, and that’s why the company has also founded BIM FACTORY®, a brand offering BIM services for multiple purposes.