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Green Your Office: GRAPHISOFT Demonstrates BIMx Docs at Greenbuild 2013

BOSTON, November 19, 2013 – At this year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, GRAPHISOFT will demonstrate innovative sustainable workflow solutions in booth #2748. GRAPHISOFT makes design efficient as possible, by incorporating Building Energy Modeling into ARCHICAD 17 and eliminating the need for traditional printed document sets with the revolutionary, new mobile app, BIMx Docs. These products make it possible for architects to design “green” sooner and faster and stop wasting paper - today.

BIMx Docs greatly reduces the need and costs of hard copy construction documents. The app coordinates the 3D model and 2D documentation into a sleek, hand-held mobile device, thus eliminating the need for hundreds of printed sheets. Using BIMx Docs it’s fast and easy to make the many inevitable changes that arise in construction documentation and drive down costs associated with wasted time and paper.

“BIMx Docs represents our commitment to sustainability on both the large and small scale,” said Steve Benford, Managing Director, GRAPHISOFT North America. “Obviously, we’re committed to supporting architects in their designing of sustainable buildings, but we have an equally strong dedication to providing ways to reduce waste in the office environment and streamline the AEC industry.”

Though the app has been available for only a matter of weeks, ARCHICAD users are already seeing its benefits on the job site.

“In my first use of BIMx docs, I presented a very complex subsurface parking structure on a job site,” said Joseph Vance of Brooklyn-based Joseph Vance Architects. “Engineers, fabricators and erectors were there. Not only were they blown away by what they’d seen - in just a few minutes they all understood a complicated situation everyone had been wringing their hands over for days. Once they were able to fully understand the conditions, they came up with a solution in 15 minutes.”

BIMx Docs offers lightning fast navigation within and across large layout books. Even if you are only working with 2D drawings, BIMx Docs offers unbeatable performance based on Map app technology.

ARCHICAD 17 includes EcoDesigner, the world's first, fully-integrated building energy modeling application, which provides built-in methods for determining energy values to advise and inform design decisions from the outset. ARCHICAD’s built-in Energy Evaluation converts the BIM (Building Information Model) to a BEM (Building Energy Model) providing analysis of the existing model with integrated solutions, and instant performance reports. This functionality allows architects to utilize energy analysis to achieve optimum energy performance in their designs.