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Nikken Sekkei's Signature Theatre Design - with ARCHICAD

Budapest, January 22 - Construction was recently completed on the Jimbocho Theater in Tokyo. This landmark building was designed by the studio of Tomohiko Yamanashi of Nikken Sekkei, Japan's largest architectural firm. Yamanashi is considered one of Japan's leading architects. This six-story 1,428 square meter theatre and entertainment center is owned by Shogakukan, a publishing firm.

The design phase of the project was completed in just three months. ARCHICAD and its 3D environment helped the design team to realize the most appropriate design for the stunning building, while also meeting strict code requirements. Because the building will be used on a 24 hour basis, the exposed concrete interior serves to naturally cool the building.

With the clarity of the 3D information provided to the builder, there was virtually no waste at the construction site, and the building cost in the range of a normal theatre of its size. The construction period required just 15 months.