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Inside Kotaro Ide’s Tunnel of Love

Budapest, January 21 – "Design has to be accompanied by logic, function, and reason," says Kotaro Ide of ARTechnic, winner of Interior Design magazine’s 2009 Best of Year, Freestanding House, for a vacation home in Karuizawa, Japan.

Designed with ARCHICAD building information modeling (BIM) software from GRAPHISOFT, the Tunnel of Love has won a number of awards in the US and Japan for Ide’s innovative approach to designing a building able to withstand a high-moisture climate in a mountain resort area. “By improving the function as a shelter protecting the living space from nature, the house becomes a lasting, comfortable living space.”

According to Ide, "ARCHICAD was indispensable in the design. By executing all the detailed modeling in 3D, we managed to create a shape that is very difficult to visualize."