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Mac Pro benchmark results - ARCHICAD 10 runs 100% faster for 3D operations

ARCHICAD tests reveal dramatic performance increase using new Intel-based Apple® Macs.

Budapest, September 12, 2006 - Graphisoft has revealed that in performance testing, it's award-winning Virtual Building™ solution ARCHICAD® proved up to twice as fast on Apple's new Intel® dual-core processor machines as compared to Mac G5s with the same configuration. All of the Intel-based machine types produced clear advantages.

Graphisoft carried out typical ARCHICAD operations on all relevant hardware and configurations. The Intel-based Mac advantage was especially obvious when handling large files and for 3D-type operations.

Graphisoft Test Results, September, 2006

"There's no question, these Intel-based Macs are the fastest personal computers on the planet today. In comparison to the G5, all of the Intel-based Macs are significantly faster. In particular, the Mac Pro performs twice as fast as the G5 machine in the important areas of 3D operations," says Viktor Varkonyi, Vice President, Product Development. "Especially on large building projects, users will appreciate this additional performance. This is great news for our user community. And for students, the price-performance, compatibility and style of the new Intel-based Macs make these machines a clear favorite."

Graphisoft ARCHICAD helps users to win more business by assisting them to design more creatively, analyze earlier, generate documentation rapidly and efficiently coordinate projects both internally and externally. In a recent global Return-on-Investment survey, ARCHICAD on average was found to contribute 12% to a practice's profit, and greatly lift productivity.