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Mitsubishi Corp. Deploys VLOOT CAD 2001, an ARCHICAD-based Office Presentation System

Company's furniture dealers armed with powerful sales tool

TOKYO, July 26, 2001 - Graphisoft today announced that Mitsubishi Corp. has implemented an advanced office presentation system for complete office proposal and sales support, based on Graphisoft ARCHICAD® and SalesCAD®. VLOOT CAD 2001 enables non-professional designers to create a virtual office layout to facilitate the sale of furniture and other office equipment. Salespeople can easily create a 3D virtual office space, place their products and change them according to the client's needs on the fly.

VLOOT CAD 2001 has been distributed by Mitsubishi Corp. to the dealer partners selling Okamura products. A supplier to Mitsubishi Corp., Okamura is the largest office furniture manufacturer in Japan. More than 1,000 GDL objects, including furniture, computer equipment, copiers and lights, have been created for use in the system. With the special parameters incorporated in the GDL objects, the user can automatically generate price estimates and proposals for the client.

Mr. Ken Takenoya, Senior Manager, Okamura Project of Mitsubishi Corp., says, "This is an ideal office presentation system. The dealers will be able to strengthen their sales power and improve customer satisfaction." Mr. Mitsuo Kitamura of the Group adds, "We had a preconception that 3D CAD is difficult to use. But Graphisoft completely destroyed this myth. Now our dealers have a powerful weapon."

Mitsubishi Corp. currently has four dedicated staff members in charge of training and educating the salespeople for the most effective use of the system. Mitsubishi Corp. expects that several hundred licenses of VLOOT CAD 2001 will be needed for the 140 dealers in the near future, to equip all salespeople at all Okamura dealers.

"We are proud that Mitsubishi Corporation selected Graphisoft's technology as the best solution for their office layout presentation system," says Nobuhiro Hara, president of Graphisoft Japan. "This successful project proves that ARCHICAD and GDL are the most effective tools not only for building designers, but also for building product manufacturers."

More information about VLOOT CAD 2001 is available in Japanese at