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Research Institute Novartis Invests in Suite of Graphisoft Products

The pharmaceutical giant will manage its facilities using ARCHICAD, ArchiFM, CADLink and Prisma

Munich, October 25, 2000 - The Vienna-based Research Institute Novartis (NFI) has selected Graphisoft's facility management, HVAC and CAD software and CETEC's building management solution to manage and control its facilities. This large-scale reference project shows the efficiency of the unique Total Facility Management solution created by the two companies.

"NFI chose Graphisoft's ARCHICAD, ArchiFM and CADLink and CETEC's Prisma because these products are interrelated and make it possible to realize what we call TotalFM," said Johannes Reischböck, CEO of Graphisoft Germany Ltd. and member of the Board of Graphisoft N.V. "Now we're about to begin taking stock of the existing buildings, an area of 38,000 sq. meters."

After installing Prisma, the Novartis buildings will then be modeled in Graphisoft's CAD software, ARCHICAD. Building services data as well as projection and planning measures will be imported into ArchiFM and Prisma from ARCHICAD, which will allow complete building management and control of static and flexible data.

ArchiFM will enable inventory and key management, area and maintenance management and budget and cost management. Prisma 7.1 of CETEC Inc., in which Graphisoft has acquired a minority participation, will carry out the control, visualization, documentation and automation of building systems within Novartis' facilities, including fire alarms, burglary alarms, danger alarms, access control, Intercom, and video surveillance installations.

CADLink will be used in the planning and calculation of heating, ventillation, air condition (HVAC) and electricity. Sewage and energy consumation as well as planning of mains, grid and lighting will be recorded with this software.

Using ArchiFM and Prisma, Novartis can achieve an integrated TotalFM solution, which includes complete files of building and HVAC design. With Prisma even malfunctions, maintenance activities, fire reports and meter analysis can be integrated, connected and forwarded directly to ArchiFM. The facility manager has the building directly under control, and can immediately clear a malfunction, avoid danger and maintain building inventory optimally. The company can update the database in both directions without caring about updating the files on different locations. This offers a great advantage at the time of renovation, replanning, new building or demolition, by saving costs and allowing a fast return on investment.

Research Institute Novartis (NFI), Vienna has been one of the most important centers for pharmaceutical research in Europe since 1970. Today, NFI as "Center of Excellence for Dermatology" within the Novartis Group concentrates on the research of innovative treatment methods of inflammable skin diseases, allergies and immune deficiency. Novartis has more than 82,000 employees in more than 140 countries worldwide. The Austrian Novartis Group has more than 2,500 employees and its expenses of research and development in 1999 came to 85 million Euro. More information about Novartis is available at

CETEC Vision AG has been developing integrated software for building automation since 1990. More than 150 bi-directional interfaces for systems of various manufacturers in the security, communications and building services business, as well as 25 functional modules are presently available. Independently of the manufacturer the systems of different manufacturers like fire alarm systems of Siemens, Bosch, Labor-Strauß, Esser but also building automation and bus systems like EIB, LON, PROFIBUS and BACnet can be integrated so that they seem only one system to the operator. CETEC is represented through its subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and through more than 50 distribution partners in Europe.