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Graphisoft and Oracle form global alliance to change the construction industry's attitude to technology

Graphisoft, world leader in Virtual Building™ solutions, today announced a global alliance with Oracle, the world's largest enterprise software company, that will focus on both company's expertise in the construction industry. The alliance will deliver solutions to the construction sector with the aim of addressing key industry issues around inefficiency, waste and the mis-management of projects.

The first combined initiative from the alliance will be a UK-wide series of seminars designed to show construction executives how technology can be applied to building projects to improve efficiency on time, and on budget, delivery.

The timing of this alliance comes at a critical time for the construction industry in the UK. The sector is in the midst of criticism of the healthcare PFI procurement process and the management of large-scale projects is under scrutiny. It is widely viewed that the real test for the industry will be the management of the construction of the 2012 Olympic venues, where improving the industry's poor record to date will be vital.

Spear-heading the thrust into the industry is Graphisoft's Virtual Construction™ solution - the world's first five-dimensional management system dedicated to the construction industry. Interlinking time and cost parameters with a fully interactive 3D model, Virtual Construction can take upwards of 3 percent out of project costs.

Adopted as the standard technology for a project with the magnitude of the Olympic building program, Virtual Construction has the capability to provide much faster and hugely more accurate estimating, a reduction in sub-contractor costs, more accurate build forecasts, a faster reaction to build problems and a reduction in build defects, which offer better quality buildings delivered on time and at a lower cost.

"In terms of supply chain integration, planning and collaboration, Virtual Construction is a classic example of how a sector-specific IT solution can lead to huge reductions in the inefficiencies, waste and rework that characterise the construction industry," comments Garreth Evans, Graphisoft UK Managing Director. "Together with Oracle, we aim to convince contractors and construction companies that the benefits from our software and service solutions offer them an absolutely compelling return on investment."

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