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ARCHICAD Firm Named America's "2001 Custom Builder of the Year"

Orren Pickell Honored by Custom Home Magazine

San Francisco, CA , March 19, 2001 - Longstanding ARCHICAD firm Orren Pickell Designers & Builders has been recognized by Custom Home Magazine as the nation's "2001 Custom Builder of the Year." The 25-year-old company, headquartered outside Chicago, is most noted for the originality of its architectural designs. The Orren Pickell Design Group, which includes 19 residential designers on ARCHICAD, also offers its services to builders outside the Chicago area.

Graphisoft's Virtual Building™ concept and ARCHICAD software form the cornerstone of Pickell's IT repertoire, providing construction solutions for over 18 years. Use of pioneering design technologies has been key to Pickell's epic success in every stage of the custom building process: from initial design concepts to architectural renderings to client presentations with animated visualizations. ARCHICAD's object-oriented 3-D CAD has provided the foundation upon which the company has built successive proprietary design/build applications.

"Using ARCHICAD's 3-D software right out of the box and then adding a few proprietary twists of our own has been a godsend," said Anthony Perry, Pickell's VP of Design. "It allows us to realistically show a client his home before it is built, so visualization problems are simply eliminated. It also allows us to build better houses, separating us from the competition. We've won over 100 Key Awards (Illinois design awards) this way. ARCHICAD is a critical part of our entire process, helping our designers to visualize, explore options, and have complete confidence in our working drawings from all angles, even from the interior."

"The Design Group applies this sophisticated, incredibly accurate software to our homes, benefiting everyone involved," added Perry. "And we will do the same for non-competitive builders that purchase our architectural services."

Pickell's proprietary version of ARCHICAD is used on its famous "Concept Houses." These are showhouses built around themes relevant to modern family life. They include: the Transition House, geared toward empty nesters; the Organization House, focused on keeping a busy family's life in order; the Entertainment House, a sophisticated Mecca for diversion and relaxation; the Jewel Box, a slightly smaller home with the money saved on size being spent instead on upgrading the level of finish; and the upcoming House, a magnificent blend of Italian Renaissance and Beaux Art architecture housing a tech-heavy model with many web-enabled functions that can be monitored and controlled from any Internet-connected computer.

"I'd like to extend our congratulations to Orren Pickell and his firm for being recognized by Custom Home magazine as an industry leader, as well as our appreciation for their visionary use of ARCHICAD and their commitment to Graphisoft," said Graphisoft US President Al Moulton.