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Macintosh PPC support phase-out plans for ARCHICAD

Budapest, July 11 - Graphisoft announced today that as part of its long-term development strategy to provide its users with the latest in Apple Operating System technology, it will cease its Macintosh Power PC support for ARCHICAD in 2009.

Graphisoft is moving in the same manner as the Apple phase out for the Macintosh Power PC platform which commenced last year. Graphisoft has been working in close collaboration with Apple to adjust development plans in order to provide a smooth migration path for ARCHICAD users. The next major release of ARCHICAD will be be the last version that supports the Macintosh Power PC platform.

"Considering the typical lifecycle of hardware today, we are convinced that with this plan, there will be sufficient time for our users to upgrade to the new Intel Macintosh platform." - says Viktor Varkonyi, VP, ARCHICAD Development. "Innovation requires the very latest technology, so we encourage our users to move to the current and future lines of Apple computers as soon as possible. Users should see significant productivity benefits as a result."