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Graphisoft ARCHICAD users experience an average productivity gain of 38%

Graphisoft global survey reveals striking efficiency results among ARCHICAD users as architects' Return-on-Investment calculator goes live.

Budapest June 15, 2005: Graphisoft has revealed wide-scale productivity gain and workflow improvements among architects who have implemented a 3D modeling approach using its Virtual Building™ solutions. The sheer impact on the bottom line from designing in a virtual environment became clear following a global survey intended to gather the data necessary for its Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculator.

Within the 512 respondent companies (a 17% response rate from those surveyed), ARCHICAD delivers an average productivity boost of around 38%, and its contribution to profit averages 12%! Some 77% of respondents said that projects completed in ARCHICAD led to fewer problems in the construction phase compared to their previous CAD system, and 82% claimed ARCHICAD influenced their client's overall satisfaction.

"Principals in architectural firms, large and small, are always searching for improvements in their workflow efficiency," says Dominic Gallello, CEO of Graphisoft. "We went after hard data from our users about ARCHICAD's contribution to their processes. This information allows our customers to benchmark themselves against other users, and to provide non-users of Virtual Building Modeling the real facts on 'why change and why now'. The data is nothing short of dramatic in terms of what it could mean for firms with legacy processes".

The global averages, derived from the survey, form the backbone of Graphisoft's ROI calculator. The architect inputs data specific to their practise, allowing the ROI calculator to build an accurate picture of the expected financial benefits, time saving and profitability through the integration of ARCHICAD.

By using ARCHICAD, Claris Keong-Tan SMIA at T3M Architects and Urban Designers in Singapore for example, has been producing the work of ten people with a team of only three. "Doing a section of a large building would take you two or three days," she explains. "But with ARCHICAD you model it accurately in one day. You can see a tremendous difference, and it would be unimaginable to go back to 2D. It has won me business since I now have more time to go out and chase it, and simply because people know I'm using ARCHICAD!" Such competitive benefits are being enjoyed by over 100,000 users globally.

Graphisoft invites architects to assess their potential competitiveness and profitability in relation to global ROI trends when using ARCHICAD, on the following website: