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Major structures placed in architectural context

Graphisoft, CSI provide integrated Civil Engineering solution

ARCHICAD®, seamlessly integrated with SAP2000, brings great civil engineering structures into the architectural and urban design Virtual Building™ environment.

Budapest, February 16, 2006 - Graphisoft announced today that its award-winning 3D building design solution ARCHICAD can now work on the same Virtual Building model data as leading structural design and analysis solution SAP2000. Sharing this data, through IFC 2x2, means that civil engineering structures designed and analyzed even for live loads in SAP2000 can now be imported into ARCHICAD, allowing their impact on the architectural environment to be assessed and minimized.

"In our world today, Architects and Engineers are not only responsible for the buildings and structures they design, but also for the environment," says Bence Kovacs, Vice President of ARCHICAD Product Management from Graphisoft. "This means that large engineering structures such as bridges or highway viaducts cannot be perceived as independent aesthetic entities, but they must harmonize with their built and natural surroundings as part of the Virtual Building environment. This benefits both design and coordination".

"Powered by an unmatched analysis engine, with design tools for structural designers working on transportation, industrial, public works and sports facilities, one can choose from a wide variety of templates, perform live-load analysis, and architects can use these 3D models as part of the Virtual Building environment," says Syed Hasanain, S.E. Executive Vice President from CSI. "Architects and urban designers will be able to choose the large engineering structures that best aesthetically fit the built environment."

Intelligent building structural elements, such as pillars, beams and slabs, are interpreted the same way in both applications. These structural elements of a civil engineering template chosen in SAP2000 can be imported into ARCHICAD. After series of seamless interactions with the structural designer, architects and structural designers will have a structure that is not only optimized for load-bearing, but its structural elements are "alive" in the ARCHICAD work environment.

Communicating through IFC in an intelligent bi-directional way, the same 3D Virtual Building model is used for architectural and structural design by companies using ARCHICAD 9 and SAP2000 v10 respectively. The 3D data used by the structural templates is continuously up-to-date and refined, thus producing neat and beautiful structures that do not damage the traditional urban and natural environment.

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