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Graphisoft's first worldwide Virtual Construction conference finds industry embracing 5D

Budapest, September 13 - Graphisoft has successfully hosted its first conference devoted to Virtual Construction™ in Budapest. The gathering of some of the world's leading general contractors, property developers and construction specialists clearly signifies Virtual Construction is a key issue among major industry participants driving their competitive advantage.

"There has been a tremendous acceleration in the awareness and implementation of Virtual Construction over the past 18 months," says Clay Freeman, Vice President of Construction Solutions. "Companies are achieving clear bottom-line benefits both in terms of delivering projects earlier and with lower cost. It was clear from the conference that the pace of implementing a new way of working for construction companies will only quicken."

"I recognize that Virtual Construction saves us money and time by allowing us to verify our direction, and solidify the design at a very early stage," explains attendee Paul Case of Urban Building, Inc., referring to their recent 185,000sf project in Los Angeles. He says implementing Virtual Construction saw project costs slashed by $2.5m, and the schedule reduced by four months. "The discovery of Virtual Construction has really changed our business. In fact, people who implement this will dominate the market."

Pierre Puyrigaud of Applecross Developments in the UK agrees: "With Virtual Construction there will be less litigation, fewer arguments and more cooperation on site. We're targeting between 5 and 10% cost reductions as a result of using this technology," he says. "This is obviously the future, and we want to be part of it!"

Other projects worldwide were presented, confirming a process revolution taking place in Construction. For example, Finland's largest ever commercial build at 500M€ - SRV's Kaampi Center - was delivered six months ahead of schedule earlier this year, and operative eight months ahead of plan. This was in large part due to the use of Graphisoft technology to manage the site production. Conference attendee Dan Gonzales of Swinerton Incorporated sums up the mood, and the urgency: "If construction companies don't change their processes now, then they won't reap the benefits from the new BIM world."

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