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ROI Calculator

See for yourself how you, your company finances and a host of workflow variables can benefit from implementing ArchiCAD within your building design process. While over 100,000 global users "think" and "create" in ArchiCAD, now you can calculate why it's so popular in pure money terms, and count on it also supporting your firm's success.

Graphisoft's Return-on-Investment (ROI) calculator will allow you to benchmark your productivity, time allocation to specific design activities and overall profit potential from implementing ArchiCAD 3D modeling into your practise. The ROI Calculator parameters are drawn directly from survey feedback of 512 large and small architectural companies worldwide, who volunteered us hard numbers. They have offered detailed insight into the workflow, productivity and profitability gains which they have experienced through using ArchiCAD.

Take the ROI test below. Note that the first three boxes show the global average benefits. Ask your nearest ArchiCAD reseller to talk you through the process of entering your company statistics, or to take you through a more complex calculator assessment in person.

1.5   A = Training period in months
26.3 B = Productivity loss during training period
38.9 C = Productivity gain after training period

  D = Number of seats
  E = Cost of software + hardware + training (per seat)
  F = Averaged monthly labor cost per seat
  G = Annual upgrade cost per seat
  1 year 2 year 3 year
ROI % % %