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Downloads for ARCHICAD 8.1

For finding the appropriate updater on this web page you will need to know the exact version of your ARCHICAD package. The below explanation will guide you through the necessary steps.

  1. Start ARCHICAD and go to the 'Help' menu then click on the 'About ARCHICAD...' menu item. The following screen will come up indicating the exact version of your ARCHICAD in the bottom right corner:

  2. Determine the license type of your ARCHICAD by looking for one of the following codes in the version string: STUD / EDU / UNIV / DEMO. In case you don't find any of these versions you have a FULL version of ARCHICAD and please go to the next step; in any other cases please contact your local ARCHICAD provider!
  3. Determine the main version of your ARCHICAD by checking the first two digits of the version string. Possible main versions are 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.0 / 8.0 / 8.1. In case you have an 8.1 version please go to the next step; in case you have an 8.0 version please contact your local ARCHICAD provider for a free 8.1 update CD; in case you have one of the 5.0 - 7.0 versions please visit our Download Archive page; in any other cases please contact your local ARCHICAD provider!
    Please note that updating from one main version to another main version (for example from 6.5 to 8) can be only done from the appropriate ARCHICAD CD with installer and you might need the update of your HW protection key as well.
  4. Determine the sub version of your ARCHICAD. It is a four digit number in brackets. This will be important to decide if you have the most current version of ARCHICAD 8.1. When reaching the actual download page at the end of this process please compare the sub version of your ARCHICAD with the sub version of the updater. If they are identical you have the latest version of ARCHICAD. If they are not, please download the updater and use it for updating your ARCHICAD.
  5. Determine the language version of your ARCHICAD. Possible language codes are AUS / AUT / CHE / CZE / DEN / FIN / FRA / GER / GRE / HUN / INT / ITA / / NDL / NOR / NZE / POL / POR / RUS / SPA / SWE / TAI / USA. Please click on your language version in this list to get to the download page and proceed according to the download information there.