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Seeking Employment

Part time ArchiCAD

Looking for a part time ArchiCAD drafter, project manager managing high end residential projects in Malibu, CA.
Oct 25, 2019

US based ArchiCAD Pro!

ArchiCAD pro working remotely via Teamwork. U.S. BASED! (Tampa, FL & Los Angeles, CA). Office visits available. Utilizing ArchiCAD to its maximum abilities. 5 years of experience - both Construction Documentation start to finish and On-Site - managing contractors, budgets and timelines. Degree in Architecture & great work ethic. Let's schedule a conf. call to discuss how to take additional workload of your shoulders and optimize your ArchiCAD files!
Oct 14, 2019   Horus Homes

ArchiCAD Modelling Support

Hi, My Name is Binoj. I provide Architectural design support solutions to Architects. I am aware of preparing drawing package from design development plans to full set of construction plans. I can also assist you in preparing terrain modeling and 3D rendering. I can work on both imperial and metric units. Kind Regards, Binoj
Oct 13, 2019   PA

Experienced Archicad Designer Available For Contract Work - SoCal

Southern California based Certified Graphisoft Consultant with 15+ years Archicad experience available for design, modeling and construction documents. Experienced in both residential and commercial projects, familiar with IBC, ADA, and Title 24 codes. Fast, reliable and available for local or remote projects.
Oct 8, 2019

Architect for Hire..!!

Hi, I am an architect, post graduate from IIT Roorkee, India. If anyone needs Archicad services do Hire me. Archicad is the only instrument of my choice.
Oct 8, 2019   Studio 714

Reliable ArchiCAD Contractor from 14 eu/h -  professional Architectural ArchiCAD contractor , providing drafting services for UK, USA, Norway, etc. We work since 2007. Outsourcing CAD services is not only mutually beneficial, but also a very cost-efficient, time-saving and modern way to work and achieve great results. We can cooperate by email or work using TeamWork. We can draft 2D details or model complex 3D archicad objects. We can develop Archicad building model from sketch, survey or point cloud. No down- payment or set-up fee is needed to start working with us. To find out more please visit out webpage -, or contact us to get a free quote - Call us - +37060195589
Oct 2, 2019   Team4BIM

Offering AC add-on (C-API) programming

I offer ArchiCAD Add-On C-API programming from beginning to the end, until the final Add-On is ready. I'm a freelancer programmer from Finland and I have very strong and good knowledge about programming AC Add-Ons. Anykind of C-API Add-Ons are Ok, short or long project. Plase contact
Oct 2, 2019

ArchiCAD Design & Drafting Service

Specializing in high-end residential projects. I like to spend a little more time in the design development phase of a project to save time and money in the end. I virtually build each home allowing me to discover and remedy issues that would be very costly and time consuming if discovered in the field. Please, visit my web site to see samples of my work, letters of recommendation and more about LPDS. Located in Phoenix, Arizona 602-578- 7975 email:
Oct 1, 2019   Laura's Professional Drafting Service

ArchiCad Architect

Experienced senior semi- retired architect available for consulting over the net. Many projects completed with various firms throughout the US. Reasonable hourly rates, fixed Not To Exceed contracts with a defined scope of work possible, other options possible for working with your firm in a support capacity. Signed contract required people of integrity only not interested in fly-by operators.
Sep 18, 2019    Studio M Doll